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Electrical/Digital/Backlit Signs

Back Lit Signs – Allow Windham Innovations to showcase your message with the right light.  Our Back Lit Signs make your advertising and informational messaging easy to read in any setting.  With Back Lit Signs you further the opportunity for your customers to focus their attention on any specific message day and night.  Our Back Lit Signs have numerous colors and lighting techniques to help achieve the look you want for the environment it will be in.

Electrical Signs – Whether indoors or out, you can utilize electrical signs to help communicate to your audience.  LED Displays, Cabinet signs enhance the customer experience and showcase your branding.  Our electrical signs help illuminate the first impression and the last impression for the customer when visiting your place of business.

Digital Signs – Our Digital Signs use LCD, LED and Projection to display all sorts of content you may want the customer to acknowledge.  Digital images, video, streaming media and basic information.  Digital Signs provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising for our clients.


Windham Innovations is the Trusted Partner of Many Industry Leaders Windham Innovations is the leader in signage and business branding solutions in Maine. With an array of services available, Windham Innovations has become the trusted signage partner on any project no matter the size or complexity. Exterior signage, interior signage, wraps, window graphics, banners and all visual communication can be handled under one brand for your next project. Let us prove to you our value as a leader in branding innovation.


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